Realtors – How Important are Cultural Values?

eXp Cultural Values

What was important for me in selecting eXp Realty, besides the technology, was the Cultural Values.  Check these out and see if they speak to you:

  • Collaboration – We are all on the same playing field.
  • Transparency – Get things out from behind the curtain.
  • Integrity – Doe the right thing.
  • Innovation – The best way to predict the future is to invent it.
  • Agile – Force chaos and change to survive and grow.
  • Service – Make a positive change to our company and the local community.
  • Fun – Don’t take yourself too seriously.
  • Sustainability – Be a good financial steward of the environment, the organization, and our families
  • Community – Be a good neighbor to create a sustainable legacy.

If this is an environment you want from your Real Estate Agent or know of a Realtor that would like to work with a collaborative team with the latest technology check out the link.

Looking for a Home? Download Free App

You can download a free app designed for you to look for homes in any market listed in the MLS,, Zillow, etc.  If it is not one that J. Lynn Kronk is associated an affiliate Realtor is available for you to contact.  If you already have a Realtor just give them the info to schedule a showing.  It also provides info on Open Houses in your geographic area listed on the local MLS.

Download MillionsMapped to your smartphone and enter AGENT CODE A51862

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Selling Your Home? Pick the Best Colors

Home sellers are often advised to slap on a fresh coat of paint before listing their properties, but they shouldn’t overlook the impact of color.

A Zillow analysis of more than 32,000 photos from sold residential properties finds specific colors can either boost or crimp a home’s selling price. The analysis controlled for square footage, the age of the home, the date of the transaction and location, and then compared the sale prices of homes with white walls versus those with more colorful paint.

The upshot? Color makes a big impact on buyers and can serve as a “powerful tool” for attracting prospective bidders, according to Zillow chief economist Svenja Gudell. But trends may change overtime, which is why it’s worthwhile to consider what tints are most favorable with would-be buyers. Last year, yellow was a popular choice for kitchens, but another shade has taken its place in Zillow’s 2017 survey.

Desirable colors “help future buyers envision themselves living in the space,” Gudrell said in a statement.

At the same time, Zillow warned certain colors can put off buyers, especially darker colors.

To check out how your home might look with a new color, some paint companies offer digital tools that can upload your photos and apply different paint shades to the rooms. Among them are Sherwin-Williams’ (SHW) or Glidden’s (PPG) paint visualization websites.  To Read More Visit link below:

Online Home Valuation?

With the advent and growth of the internet, many tasks are much easier now – you can shop without leaving your home, place your dinner order before arriving at the restaurant, get all the information needed to write a paper without going to the library, and, according to some believers – get accurate property valuations in order to buy or sell a home without a Realtor.  Let’s look at the problem with this last part.

Online home valuation sites (like Zillow and Trulia, to name a few of the more popular ones) are more prevalent today, making home buyers and sellers feel as if they have access to the same information as Realtors. The misnomer is that this is very far from the case. Although there are times when the numbers provided are realistic, more often than not they are incorrect – sometimes by a few thousand dollars, or even as much as $20-50,000. Would you want to make an important decision on value based on a number that may be incorrect?

Realtors still play a very important role in home valuation. Working with a local, experienced agent who knows your area provides not only peace of mind, but information beyond just value. There are many facets involved with pricing a home, and while the starting point is always comparable sales, there are many other important things to consider that software cannot detect. For example, what if you have an oversized yard compared to your neighbors? A view? Multiple upgrades to your home? An addition? These are some of the things that a Realtor will take into consideration in determining value.

Comparable sold properties have likely been appraised before they sold – and appraisers are specifically trained to value homes, taking into consideration similarities and differences between properties. Realtors in turn use these comparable values and then tweak them, as do appraisers, when it comes to factors other than square footage or similar location, that can alter prices. Being a Realtor does not magically allow one to be skilled at this – it takes an in-depth knowledge of the business, the area and the market, as well as experience.

It is important to note that the same is true of rental values. While some sites that offer rental income information may be close or even spot-on, they are not always correct. If you need to obtain rental information I highly advise you to contact a skilled property management company in your area.

While obtaining information online is a good place to start to get an idea of your home’s value, deciding to forgo the expertise of an agent could end up costing you both money and time. There is a big difference between a computer valuation of a home and one completed by an expert. So, if you are thinking of selling your home, or if you are a buyer who is home shopping, please consult with an expert so that you are completely informed and able to make the right decisions.

Lynn Kronk – Realtor

Spring Home Maintenance


It’s that time of year again and you’re eagerly venturing outside to reclaim your backyard, scraping inches of pollen off your lawn chair, and all too often, realize that the seeds of minor annoyances planted last fall have started to sprout. Take heart – a simple inspection of your home and yard can prevent small issues from blossoming into full-blown problems while still leaving you time to relax. Here are some things to look for and quick fixes that can have a major impact:

  1. Caulk and seal around windows and doors to boost energy efficiency. This is a simple, cost-effective way to go green by conserving energy while reducing your AC bills.
  2. Look for settling cracks in brick veneer and stucco that may indicate the beginnings of a foundation issue.
  3. Check your crawl space for standing water and/or your foundation for water damage.
  4. Repair rotted wood and trim around windows, doors and dormers. Prime and paint any areas where paint has peeled away.
  5. Check for water stains on ceilings or in the attic, which could indicate shingle or flashing problems.
  6. Inspect for sagging or damaged gutter components before the next heavy downpour.
  7. Have an HVAC specialist check your HVAC Freon and coils for dirt and debris.
  8. Change the vacuum drive belt on your central or regular vacuum. Changing this belt annually preserves the vacuum motor and ensures that it’s working efficiently.
  9. Have your pool water tested by a reputable local swimming pool supply store. As you reopen your pool, you want to be sure that the chemicals are properly balanced and that your pump and filtration systems are working properly.
  10. Check lawn and garden irrigation heads now to make sure they’re functioning properly and recalibrate the zones seasonally to match each area’s changing water needs.

A few tips to help you SPRING into action!

Lynn Kronk – Realtor